Today’s Brew 11-17-17

Cato recently hosted their 35th Annual Monetary Conference. The first panel included John B. Taylor and Judy Shelton.

Watch the panel here:

Listen to the podcast version here:

Also worth sharing from Instagram, they only used part of the quote, but it’s still good.

John F Kennedy Instagram 11-17-17


Today’s Brew 11-1-17

Judy Shelton was a guest on the Gold Newsletter Podcast, covering many topical questions. Here is a preview of the interview, and you can listen to the podcast here:

Today’s Brew 10-12-17

NJudy Shelton in today’s WSJ is very good. Lots of tax reform talk in other places as well (see links below Shelton editorial).

Woodpeckers for Sound Money

The Fed doesn’t need a ‘hawk’ or a ‘dove,’ but someone to hammer away for the dollar’s integrity.

Judy Shelton Wall Street Journal Sound Money