Today’s Brew 8-17-16

In possibly the unlikeliest of places, Art Laffer appears at the Huffington Post today:

Let’s Get The Economy Moving Again With Uniform And Understandable Tax Cuts


I’ve seen such strategy work before, and I know we can do it again. In 1980, I served as an economic adviser to presidential candidate Ronald Reagan. With the unemployment rate above 7 percent and inflation rates well into double-digits, Reagan proposed tax rate cuts to boost the incentives for production, output and employment.

The results: A landslide for Reagan who had been dismissed by Democratic Party stalwart Clark Clifford as an “amiable dunce.” After Reagan’s economic reforms took effect, economic growth soared.

Growth was so great that Reagan’s economic policies won bipartisan support. After the initial cuts in 1981, his tax reforms received support from many leading Democrats, including Sen. Bill Bradley of New Jersey and Rep. Richard Gephardt of Missouri.