Today’s Brew 6-28-17

Listen to John Tamny talk about Uber’s latest news on The John Bathcelor Show.


Today’s Brew 6-21-17

Professor Cyril Morong wrote a strong editorial for the San Antonio Express-News where he discusses “trickle down” and takes Eugene Robinson to task for a recent editorial about Kansas Governor Sam Brownback.

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Today’s Brew 6-9-17

Larry Kudlow looks forward in this National Review Online piece toward the tax reform and other battles now that the James Comey hearings are over.

Three Easy Pieces: A Simple, Get-It-Done-Now Economic Plan


President Donald Trump cannot let a deluge of distractions disrupt his and the Republican party’s plans for meaningful health-care and tax reform. The Russian-collusion accusations, the fallout from the Comey hearing, the left-wing media’s daily barrage of anti-Trump propaganda — these are all distractions. And the administration and GOP Congress are in great jeopardy if they get caught up in it and take their eyes of the policy ball.

They must get some degree of health-care and tax reform done. This year. With tangible results in the next several months. If they don’t get it done, they’re going to get creamed in the 2018 midterms.


Today’s Brew 6-6-17

Art Laffer NewsMaxTV 6-5-2017

Laffer: Lowering Corporate Tax Rate Won’t Affect ‘Effective Tax’