Today’s Brew 1-27-18

Today’s lead editorial in the Wall Street Journal:

WSJ, editorial 1-27-2018 p12


Today’s Brew 12-27-17

Catherine Rampell 12-27-17

Catherine Rampell probably had a great time writing her fact-free column this week. She will probably be as surprised by this CBS News report on tax reform as CBS News was. Ms. Rampell is now in the unenviable position, along with all of her fellow Democrats, of rooting against the American people and the economy that those people represent. Good luck with that, Ms. Rampell.

Today’s Brew 12-22-17

CBS News was shocked to hear about how these three families would fare under the newly passed tax reform package.

How the tax bill will affect the returns of three American families

Today’s Brew 12-21-17

Wall Street Journal 12-21-2017

Dan Henninger writes in the Wall Street Journal today about Jack Kemp role in tax reform over the years.

The Godfather of Tax Reform

Ronald Reagan is the patron saint of tax cuts, but Jack Kemp is the godfather.

Today’s Brew 12-16-17

From today’s Wall Street Journal staff editorial on the tax reform final package:

Wall Street Journal Speaker Paul Ryan Better Way Donald Trump Tax Reform

Today’s Brew 12-15-17

From today’s Wall Street Journal opinion pages regarding SALT and the impact that the tax reform legislation is already having in New Jersey.

WSJ 12-15-17 pA12 

Today’s Brew 12-14-17