Today’s Brew 6-21-17

Professor Cyril Morong wrote a strong editorial for the San Antonio Express-News where he discusses “trickle down” and takes Eugene Robinson to task for a recent editorial about Kansas Governor Sam Brownback.

Cy Morong 6-21-17 pA10


Today’s Brew 2-5-17

John Tamny has a new piece out today:

Sorry Envious Left, ‘Trickle-Down’ Economics Is Real, And It’s Everywhere


Trickle-down is a hoax? Let’s be serious.  If by trickle-down we mean that all of our lives get better the more that individuals grow exceedingly rich, then it must be said that trickle-down quite simply is.  To deny its reality amounts to willful blindness.  And it’s more than trickle down.  It’s realistically a flood.  As the definition of rich surges into the stratosphere, the lives of everyone improve markedly.  Life would be unrelentingly cruel without the rich, whether earned or inherited.