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Man on the Margin

Money and Credit


What is money?  That seems like a simple question.  It’s mainly the green stuff in your pocket that you want more of, but it leads to all sorts of confusion in the economic world, with harmful results.  It is the type of question that economics should define as easily as a core component of any other field of study, i.e. what is a meter?  But the economic world is not a hard science, it’s a behavioral science that meshes less definable certainties with undefined behavioral qualities.  In our current climate of commanded central bank intervention far beyond its legislated intent, these confusions become multiplied.

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In case you missed this (ICYMT?), The Supply-Side Revivalist introduces us to “Contra Krugman“, what a great idea for a podcast!


Krugman is widely considered the public face of Keynesianism today. His weekly New York Times column is (apparently) quite influential. However, Krugman is arrogant, petulant, casually dismissive of his critics, and often downright nasty.