Supply-Side Notes 2-4-19

Our friend Ralph Benko has a review of George Gilder’s most recent book:

Innovate Don’t Regulate: The Message of George Gilder’s Life After Google

Today’s Brew 9-29-16

Listen to this podcast interview with Larry Kudlow and Brian Domitrovic about their book, JFK and the Reagan Revolution.

Today’s Brew 9-12-16

☕ Larry Kudlow and Brian Domitrovic have a preview of their new book, JFK and the Reagan Revolution in the Wall Street Journal:

Return to JFK’s ‘Rising Tide’ Model

Kennedy and Reagan both spurred growth through bipartisan tax cuts. That’s just what is needed now.


Today’s Brew 12-4-14

From Detroit, comes another mention of Art Laffer’s newest book, a kids book he co-wrote called Let’s Chat About Economics. We mentioned this book when it came out in October, and with Christmas only 3 weeks away, maybe now is the time to get this great gift for the kids in your family. Get those kids thinking supply-side sooner, rather than later.

Prove Gruber wrong; teach kids economics

So it’s Christmas, and everyone is writing books for children, although most don’t deal with issues this hefty.

What sets Balconi’s book apart is her co-author — Arthur Laffer, one of the most influential economists in America and President Ronald Reagan’s economic adviser. He’s the father of supply side economics and author of the Laffer Curve, which measures the diminishing returns of higher tax rates.

Laffer’s a big deal, and children’s books aren’t his normal fare. But Balconi heard him speak at the Detroit Economic Club in 2012 and sent him a proposal. Laffer, who lives in Nashville, loved it.

“I thought it was a cool idea to touch kids in this way,” Laffer says. “It’s the basics — understanding incentives, trade-offs and other basic principles that come right from Michelle’s own family.”