Supply-Side Notes 9-1-18

Art Laffer: Trade is more about consumers than employment (Video)

Robert Reich is spewing “tickle-down” nonsense and it’s pretty funny:


Supply-Side Notes 8-17-18

Video: Top Reagan Economic Adviser Makes Bold Prediction About How Long Trump Boom Could Last

Steve Forbes appeared on The WILS Morning Wake-Up with Dave Akerly radio show in Michigan:

Segment 1

Segment 2

Today’s Brew 3-24-18

What was possibly Larry Kudlow’s last Saturday radio program for a while, as he moves on to become President Trump’s top economic advisor. Beginning in the 39:00 mark, Larry talks with Art Laffer.

Today’s Brew 11-10-17

Keynesian Democrats caught lying about tax reform:

FACT CHECK: Would ’Over 50 million’ Families Pay More Taxes Under The GOP Tax Bill?

“Over 50 million taxpaying households will pay more taxes every April 15” under the House Republicans’ tax reform bill, Democratic Rep. Tony Cárdenas of California claimed Tuesday on the House floor.

Verdict: False

GOPAC talked with Dr. Laffer for their podcast series, listen to the interview here: