Today’s Brew 5-29-09

Stephen Moore: Missing Milton: Who Will Speak For Free Markets?

I would rank Milton Friedman, next to Ronald Reagan, as the greatest apostle for freedom and free markets in the second half of the 20th century. I used to find great joy in visiting him and his wife and co-author, Rose, at their home in San Francisco. We’d have dinner at their favorite Chinese restaurant and chat about the latest silliness out of Washington.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately of one of my last conversations with Milton, who warned that “even though socialism is a discredited economic model and capitalism is raising living standards to new heights, the left intellectuals continue to push for bigger government everywhere I look.” He predicted that people would be seduced by collectivist ideas again.

Today’s Brew 3-27-08

Not even sure what to say about this hit piece from the New York Times, other than, it’s a typical hit piece from the New York Times. Do with it what you must, and compost it with your used coffee grounds.

A Political Comeback: Supply-Side Economics

And the first reader comment:

Bottom Line: Supply-side theory is nothing more than a rationale for greed. Tax haters to me are the most un-American of all political stripes. Pay up people.


Enough said.