Today’s Brew 11-3-00


Stephen Moore appears in the November 6, 2000 issue of National Review. We can’t find the article on the National Review website, but we did find the article on Cato’s website.

‘Tax, Spend, and Elect’

A fiscal free-for-all in Congress

Stephen Moore NR Nov 2000

The same issue of National Review also features an analysis by Alan Reynolds about the “top 1 percent” and Bush vs. Gore.

We’re Number One (Percent)

What’s right about the rich…

Alan Reynolds NR Nov 2000


Today’s Brew 8-2-00

The Hudson Institute has published a magazine called American Outlook: Your Window on the Future. There’s a lot to like in this magazine (found a copy at Barnes & Noble, so you can likely find a copy as well), including an outlook by Alan Reynolds.

Alan Reynolds American Outlook 2000