Today’s Brew 12-31-11

Stephen Moore WSJ 12-31-11

This weekend’s year-end issue of the Wall Street Journal features an interview with basketball star Jalen Rose, conducted by Stephen Moore. Read From the Fab Five to the Three Rs.


Today’s Brew 11-2-11

Charles C. Johnson has a tremendous, lengthy article about President Calvin Coolidge in the latest issue of The American Spectator:

Lessons for Obama From Silent Cal

Frugal, laconic Calvin Coolidge instinctively applied his conservative principles. The result was just what we need today: low debt and rising prosperity.

Charles C. Johnson Calvin Coolidge November 2011

Today’s Brew 9-9-11

Larry Kudlow is awesome here in National Review about President Obama’s supposed jobs plan, which has nothing supply-side about it:

Tiny, Targeted, and Temporary

That won’t do it, Mr. President.

If left to its own devices, America’s free-market capitalism will produce growth and jobs. But it won’t happen in a targeted and temporary straight jacket.