Today’s Brew 9-23-14

Ralph Benko: End the Fed’s War on Paychecks

Brian Domitrovic: The Obama-Reagan Comparison Does O. No Favors

Ryan Ellis: Reform Conservatism and a Smarter Supply Side Tax Agenda

To sum up, here’s the winning agenda for a 21st century supply side renaissance:

1. Cut the top tax rate on business income to no higher than 25 percent. Leave wage taxes alone, and let the Left have their 39.6 percent “scalp the rich” talking point.

2. Allow all business investment to be deducted in the year of purchase

3. End the double taxation of savings

4. End the double taxation of international income

5. Cut taxes for the middle class, either by embracing an increase in the child tax credit, or cutting the payroll tax, or by some other means.


Today’s Brew 9-11-14

African American Conservatives (AACONS) has posted a podcast at Blog Talk Radio, and this one features two interviews, one with Congressman Paul Ryan and one with Steve Forbes. Listen to the interviews here in one file.

Today’s Brew 8-30-14

Recently, Professor Brian Domitrovic, author of Econoclasts, appeared on the Houston radio talk show “The Price of Business” with host Kevin Price. An interview dubbed “The Supply Side Miracle” is interesting, with hints of things to come. Listen to the interview here.