Today’s Brew 11-10-17

Keynesian Democrats caught lying about tax reform:

FACT CHECK: Would ’Over 50 million’ Families Pay More Taxes Under The GOP Tax Bill?

“Over 50 million taxpaying households will pay more taxes every April 15” under the House Republicans’ tax reform bill, Democratic Rep. Tony Cárdenas of California claimed Tuesday on the House floor.

Verdict: False


Today’s Brew 11-2-17

From Speaker Ryan’s Instagram account…a great t-shirt:

Keep Calm and Cut Taxes

Mark Skousen has a good look at the economy on his website:

2nd Quarter Gross Output Shows Surprise Slowdown in Economy

Skousen adds, “Gross Output and GDP are complementary aspects of the economy, but GO does a better job of measuring total economic activity and the business cycle, and demonstrates that business spending is more significant than consumer spending,” he says. “By using GO data, we see that consumer spending is actually only about a third of economic activity, not two-thirds that is often reported by the media. As the chart above demonstrates, business spending is in fact almost twice the size of consumer spending in the US economy.”

Today’s Brew 11-1-17

Judy Shelton was a guest on the Gold Newsletter Podcast, covering many topical questions. Here is a preview of the interview, and you can listen to the podcast here:

Today’s Brew 10-12-17

Judy Shelton in today’s WSJ is very good. Lots of tax reform talk in other places as well (see links below Shelton editorial).

Woodpeckers for Sound Money

The Fed doesn’t need a ‘hawk’ or a ‘dove,’ but someone to hammer away for the dollar’s integrity.

Judy Shelton Wall Street Journal Sound Money