Today’s Brew ☕ 5-1-17

☕ Dan Mitchell is doing some incredible work these days on tax cuts and tax reform, he is so quick in fact, that we had to post two entries at once, you will enjoy both.

The Most Emotionally Satisfying Argument for Trump’s Corporate Tax Cut


But just because I’m pessimistic, that doesn’t change the fact that a lower tax burden would be good for the country.

Toward the end of the interview, I explained that the most important reason for better tax policy is not necessarily to lower taxes for families, but rather to get more prosperity.

If we can restore the kind of growth we achieved when we had more market-friendly policy in the 1980s and 1990s, that would be hugely beneficial for ordinary people.

That’s the main economic argument for Trump’s plan.

But now I’ve come across what I’ll call the emotionally gratifying argument for Trump’s tax cuts. The Bureau of National Affairs is reporting that European socialists are whining that a lower corporate tax rate in the United States will cause “a race to the bottom.”

☕ This post in general is well worth reading, but these graphics are incredibly good and important.

Lessons from the Reagan Tax Cuts

1980 1988 Laffer

Reaganomics Economic Liberty


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