Today’s Brew ☕ 4-10-17


John Tamny has an incredible new write-up at about Spain, economic freedom, migration, making America more spectacular than it already is…and there’s even a Disraeli quote.

Spain’s ‘Wasted Generation’ Tells A More Troubling Story Of Unforced American Error


What all of this tells us that is that when left free to produce, that’s what humans generally do.  Economic growth is the natural state for free humans. The Irish of the 19th century were viewed much as Mexicans of the 21st century are by some politicians, but as their freedom-driven advance hopefully tells us, the present doesn’t predict the future for a people if the future includes economic freedom.

Spain’s ‘wasted generation’ is but one of many global migrations; much of it driven by a lack of economic freedom.  How sad then that the United States, historically viewed as the country where poverty is cured and effort abundantly rewarded, is no longer open to the world’s ambitious in the way that it used to be.

Thankfully Dubai and other locales are open to what America isn’t, but with the U.S. we must once again always consider the unseen.  If so, and with “Make American Great Again” very much in mind, we might consider how much more realistic the slogan would be were the U.S. not presently so Neanderthal in its stance toward the very people around the world so eager to make what is already great truly spectacular.


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