Today’s Brew 12-28-14

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review has a preview of some books coming out in 2015. Among them, they mention a book by Arthur Laffer and Stephen Moore. The book, unfortunately, doesn’t come out until late July, but you can pre-order it today.

New year, new books

In “Blue Exodus: Why Americans Are Moving to Red States” (Encounter Books, July 28), Arthur Laffer, supply-side economics icon and “Laffer curve” namesake, and Stephen Moore, The Heritage Foundation’s chief economist, analyze an American division driven by both politics and personal bottom lines. They tackle what’s increasingly driving individuals and businesses to vote with their feet for lower taxes and debt, fewer regulations, energy development and right-to-work laws by relocating from liberal “blue” states to conservative “red” states.

Blue Exodus by Laffer and Moore


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